JUST ARRIVED - 2019 America's Big Solution Business Cards

$ 2.50 $ 5.00

These informational business cards are unique and presented in an uncoated finish.  The front side gives bullet points of the FAIRtax concept and references FAIRTAX.ORG and BIGSOLUTION.ORG using our new logo surrounded by No IRS circles.  The back side of the card presents the  FAIRtax Prebate Schedule for 2019 basically the family consumption allowances.  It is a simple FAIRtax presentation all in a compact business card.  The colors on the front of the card are red and blue.  The back of the card has a black and white prebate table with limited coloring on family allowances for one adult, two adults, and 2 adults plus 2 dependents.  These informational business cards supplement the current FAIRtax Palm Cards. Sold in quantities of 125.


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